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OptSun is a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses made in-house through a series of meticulous processes with handmade skills. We produce eyewear as per your design preferences, your choices and taste. Our design department develop prototype eyewear as per your idea in not more than 5 working days. We do provide a wide choice of frame design, temples, hinges, rhinestone and acetate plate colours.

OptSun allow you to create your own eyewear from start to finish. We can produce a one-off, unique, handmade glass frame just for you. If you are unable to get a frame that fits, we at OptSun can work on a concept eyewear to made it a reality. Express your wish and we will assist you in realising your need and want.

*Isle de France (or more accurately Île de France) was the name of Mauritius Island between 1715 and 1810, when the area was under the French empire.



OptSun Eyewear & Sunglasses Manufacturer

Your handmade Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

optsun acetate eyewear manufacturing design

OptSun design and produce high quality eyewear frames. We are happy and proud to perpetuate the French craftsmanship Know-How of making eyewear in Mauritius. With the help of our French Production Manager who has 33 years’ experience in French eyewear, we are able to produce French quality standard at a lower cost.

Our Engagement
Creating a pair of glasses is a process of several weeks. Our customer release new collection with specific deadlines (For Example, Trade fairs). As so they confer great importance in having their products delivered on time. Optsun has made the respect for a man’s word when it is given as an engagement. Our team motivation remains our unwavering commitment to our clients.

The whole manufacturing process is done in-house at our factory.
OptSun control the entirety of the manufacture process of acetate eyeglass and sunglasses. The whole operation is done on our production site. It is the only way to control the quality and meet delivery. We are also able to guarantee our clients the level of confidentiality they wish to have.

The production of “Metal frame” eyewear will also be proposed by 2017. With the help of an injected company present in Mauritius, we are able to propose our clients all three techniques of making eyeglasses i.e. acetate, metal and injected allowing our clients to create a complete collection.

Service and Advise
Our design office may assist client if needed in the design and development of their models i.e. Shaped and colours. We also provide our clients a large library of acetate and technical components.

Each model come with a prototype which is validate by the client before mass production. Our client benefits from a special care service. Our computerized order management system allows us to monitor the progression at any time and update the clients.

For your next coming collection, contact-us. We would be happy to study your needs and create the production of your models handmade.