With Over 20 Years Experienced in Designing and Producing of High Quality Frames,
OptSun has acquired a know-how in The Manufacturing of
Optical & Sunglasses Eyewear Frames.

Optsun Ltd presents us some step of its cellulose
acetate eyewear collection. Do not hesitate to entrust us
with the design of your optical collections.
Optsun Ltd presents some step of its know how in manufacturing cellulose acetate eyewear.

Do not hesitate to entrust us with the manufacture of your optical collections.

The design

We produce glasses according to your design preferences, choices
and tastes. Our design department can develop prototype of different
glasses according to your idea in 5 working days. We offer a wide
choice of designs for fronts, temples, hinges, rhinestones and different
colors of cellulose acetate plates

Cellulose is made of cotton extract or, increasingly, from
tree pulp, especially eucalyptus. This makes it a natural
polymer, highly prized by eyewear designers.

Making acetate plates can take up to 120 hours of work. Acetate
is a fascinating material for making eyewear. It can be milled,
polished and transformed into ever new trendy frames with
inexhaustible color combinations.

Cellulose acetate also has other interesting properties.
Hypoallergenic, it is suitable for all eyewear wearers.
In addition, it is much stronger than plastic.

The barrel stage

Filled with wood chips, the frame is laid for 48 to 72 hours.
There the glasses are shaken like in a washing machine. The
action of the chips will cause a soft and progressive abrasion
which will smooth the bezel and give it a soft appearance.

One of the steps in making an eyewear is polishing.

To do this, we use a wheel made up of several thicknesses
rags on which clay powder is applied. Next,
depending on the speed and pressure you put on the sunglasses,
the acetate will be more or less brilliant.